The Second Degree

Randall Gifford

Randall Gifford

Scott Bryner

While playing the Six-Degrees of Separation one night with his friends, Penn realizes that he is actually 6 degrees away from his favorite movie star and idol. After regaining consciousness, he realizes the full weight of his predicament and decides to set out in search of his mentor. While traveling down the line of degrees, he comes across Hallsey, The Second Degree. Penn falls for her and finds himself torn between his spiritual quest's demands to use Hallsey to get to his mentor and his own heart's desires of being true to his new-found love.


2003 Breckenridge Film Festival in Breckenridge, Colorado, 2003.
2004 Dances With Films Festival in Santa Monica, June 10-17, 2004.

Henry Phillips, Maggie Rose Fleck, James Sauer Elden, Gena Poniatowski, CJ, Tracey McCall, Allison Barcott, Andrew Davids, Tim McGrath, Carolyn Hennesey, Ryan Angel, Avner Garbai, Julie Petrosky, Oto Brezena, Kristina Bartlett, Alan Sanders, David Man, Cindy Benson, Cat Hammonds, Heidi Sackerson, and "Jake" The Dog.

This film is NOT currently licensed for distribution in any format, any territory.